Monday, August 25, 2008

Our getaway

Keith and I had a great time Friday night. After stressing about not finding a babysitter, I finally got it all arranged. We decided to get a hotel room for the night. Keith"s friend at work, Steve, his wife Sue is the manager at the Holiday Inn. She was kind enough to give us the "friend and family"rate. It was a very nice room, with a KING size bed. We go to hotels at times for hockey tournaments, but never get a king bed. Even though the hotel was walking distance from our house, just being away from home felt great. I walked into the room and had the most beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers. Pretty orangish-yellow and deep purple flowers. Keith sure can pick the flowers. Roses are nice, but I love the fact that he always gets me the fresh cut. My friend Liane told me of a trick to make the flowers last. Seven- up instead of water. I tryed it. I will let ya know I had to put a ;picture of them for all to see. We also had a cookie bouquet from Sue. There was one of a bride and groom.. That was so thoughtful of her. Keith and I went to the casino first, we lost. But we did come back with some of our money we took in. We did not lose it all! Then we went to eat at The Vintage Tavern for dinner. The food was great. A bit pricey, but I definanlty will go back. It was well worth it . All my friends know how much I love to eat. Since I am still not healed all the way, dancing was out of the picture. We went and played cards for a bit then, back to the room. I have to say. I slept the best I have slept since my surgery. The bed was so comfortable. I woke up with no pain what-so-ever. Been a long time for that. Tomorrow is doctor day. I love Tuesday's. I am hoping the stitches I had put in are ready to come out. If not, I will be happy getting a"pump-up" on that side. It has been two weeks of no pump up on that side and I sure look loop sided. I also have some concerns about my implants. I had assumed I would be getting saline implants but I am not. I am getting silicone. I do not know if i am comfortable with that kind.I know a friend who's implant burst and she was so so sick for a long time. I have researched online but ... so many different opinions. I am so confused. Any help would be appreciated.

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Molly Brawley said...

Hi Steph--

I too was concerned about the silicone implants but after my research and many discussions with more than one doctor, I am very happy with the Memory Gel(silicone) implant. This gel like substance doesn't move much if the implant does break...which it shouldn't. Was your friends issue with her silicone years ago? From what I have been told, those silicone implants were removed from the market and the ones out now have met a much stricter FDA approval.

My docs recommended the silicone as they are supposedly much more natural feeling, whatever that means?

Just my two cents.

Fake Boob Guru (HA!)