Friday, January 16, 2009

hockey time

My boys are in a hockey tournament this weekend. I will be spending lots of time at the rink. Seems strange to say but....I think it will be warmer in the rink than outside. It was -5 outside this morning, burrrrrrrrrr. The schools were closed because it was so cold outside. I did make an appointment with my medical surgeon for my four month follow up appointment. I am hoping he will give me his opinion on my breasts. He is the doctor that referred me to the P.S, so we will see.I also emailed Hopkins Breast Center and told them my dilemma and asked for advice. I found another part time job yesterday too. I will be working calling people asking to contribute to fundraisers. The fundraiser they are calling on now is for breast cancer. This should be enjoyable. I like talking on the phone and this cause is true to my heart. The man that hired me was very flexible with me. They were hiring people to work a minimum 16 hours a week, but he was kind enough to let work around my shift at the hospital. The company is just a few blocks away from my house so when it warms up I can walk to work. He told me I can pick up extra hours at night if I want and even come in if I have a short day at the hospital. PERFECT. I start Monday. Wish me luck. My mind has been so wacko lately, but maybe keeping busy will ease my worries.

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Cyndi Sloop said...

Congrats on the new job. I would have to agree that you're working on donations for breast cancer is something you'll be able to do with a lot of passion. I hope the new job will be a good distraction for your mind. (The knowledge of having breast cancer seems to take over thoughts and send us in places we never thought we'd be.) Stay warm, happy and healthy!