Thursday, June 10, 2010

more problems

I am still waiting to see the neurosurgeon, my appointment is not untill the end of next month. I was hoping I could go to a neurologist. I have been doing my own research about this cervical spondylosis I have. From what I have read, surgery is the last resort. I called my oncologist and asked about it. The nurse said he feels I need to see the surgeon. I may need surgery???? I am going in to see him today. I need to know what is up. The kind breast cancer I had normally starts in the neck and glands. They are telling me I have a form of neck arthritis. Do I have neck cancer now??? Then, to make matters worse. I have noticed that my left breast is getting red again. It comes and goes just like before I was hospitalized for celulitisis. It is sore too. I hope the celultisis is not coming back.

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