Wednesday, August 4, 2010

celulitsis back again,

Well, what started out as a journal and reminder for myself about my cancer journey.... Has now turned into, all my ailments.
Went to my OBGYN (Dr. Hamblin) for a bladder infection, first thing this morning. If it is not one thing with me it is another!! I noticed also that my celulitsis has returned. Same breast, same spot. Dr. Hamlin prescribed Leviquin again for me and told me to follow up with Dr. Brooks. I did see Dr. Brooks this afternoon. Another 30.00 co pay.... I learned nothing new bout the infection. He will get a culture (which will take a few days) and hopefully the Leviquin will take the infection away once and for all. I will take it for six weeks. The doctors thoughts are that by taking the script for a longer amount of time, it will get rid of it. My breast is pretty red now, and this bladder infection is very very painful, and the heranated disc in my neck is still making my life very uncomfortable. I often wonder if my life will ever be painfree, like before.

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