Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hospitilized 11/24-11/27/2010

I had gotten the cellulitisis again Tuesday night. By Wed. it was all inflamed and hurting real bad again. This is two times this month:(. I went to Dr. Carley(med. doc) and he called Dr. Gavaghan and together they decided it needs to come out TODAY. I was admitted to PHH and Dr Gavaghan came to town to remove it. I will have to go without an implant until I get rid of this infection completely. I was told It will be six months before I can get it replaced. In the mean time..... I have a drain tube and staples keeping me closed up.I spent three nights and four days in the hospital. I came home on my birthday. Just a normal day:( And I kinda feel like I may have some nerve damage. I look pretty gross, all sunk in

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