Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am addicted to blogging...Thanks Molly

Yes, between cancer and blogging, I do not which one I think of the most. I am having a hard time sleeping tonight. Could be that I slept all day today. As I lay in bed just thinking, I could not refrain from getting back online to blog again. I have blogged a bit about all my friends....with more to come. I totally forgot to include my friend Stephanie. She lives in Ohio now with her husband, daughter and grandson. She has been a friend for many years (30 years, I believe) Her being a breast cancer survivor herself, she is an inspiration to me. She has been a big support. Stephanie has been there, done that. So along with Molly, any question I have, she has helped to answer it for me. Thanks sister, for your calls, support, and concern for me. xxx


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