Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our 20th Wedding Aniversary

Well today is my 20th anniversary. Unfortunately I was not feeling well. I went yesterday to see my doctor and plastic surgeon. He had to cut out and restitch that area that is not healing on my incision. I slept most of the day. Keith stayed home with me and got LOTS of housework done. He is so awesome. This blogging stuff has lifted my spirits and kept me busy... thanks Molly!!! Keith and I will be celebrating on Friday night. I hope I am feeling better. If not, I will just tough if out for the night.

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Molly Brawley said...

WAHOO! Stephanie has a blog! My blog is a cheap therapy session as far as I am concerned. Steph, it is amazing how much we have in common. How in the heck did we end up with this crazy cancer??? Your family is amazing too...and thank goodness we love our hubbys and our boys. There has to be a reason we are going through this and maybe one day we will know, but for now, we are here for each other and will BEAT THIS!

You have come way further in your blogging than I did the first few you can probably tell, i just learned how to embed pics in the text of my blog--thus that big ol' picture of Christina Applegate.

Happy 20th Anniversary to you and Keith. You deserve a happy one...and trust me, you will learn nothing matters but family and love. All the rest is secondary.

Hugs to you my pal--