Monday, August 18, 2008

Our summer vacation

School is about to begin and we are counting down the days. Now is a good time to reflect on my summer. We were able to take a vacation Up North to Traverse City. We went to this cool hotel with an indoor water park, The Great Wolf Lodge. Keith planned it the weekend before my surgery. How nice it was,not thinking about breast cancer for a whole weekend. We drove for a bit, to get us closer to our destination and decided to stop in Gaylord. We went to play put-put and went on the go carts, just to have a bit of fun before we find a hotel for the night We headed the next morning to our destination. The water park was neat. Lots of things to do that weekend. It was Christmas at the Lodge. The boys decorated Christmas cookies. Our room was called "The Cub Den". The kids had their own in closed area with bunk beds that looked like wolves, and a little TV too. We watched a guy do some magic tricks inside the hotel. Tyler and Jared were more interested in figuring out the tricks then watching them. There were different slides to go down. They had one, two and three person tubes. We took turns going together and by ourselves. I did the slides and it was a riot. Climbing up to the top of them was lots of work so I got some exercise in, like the Doctor ordered. I think the best part for me was the "Lazy River". I just floated on the tube around an area of the park, going with the current. Keith and I floated together on a tube for a bit too. It was nice.My boys had a blast.They had an outdoor pool too. Since it was a beautiful day, I was able to watch Jared swim and get some sun too. Inside the water park they had lots of ladders and platforms to climb on. The kids were able to just have fun. The neatest thing was the HUGE bucket that filled with 1000 gallons of water every five minutes. A bell would start ringing to let the kids know the bucket was about to tip over. All the kids and adults (if they were brave enough) stood under it and had the water pound on them from up above.. I did not even attempt to try that. Seemed like it would hurt! The kids liked the "lily pads" You had to try to step on these big Lily pads, spread across the pool and get to the other side of the pool without falling into the pool. Jared is so small that he just did it so easily. Scooting across it fast. Tyler was just a but slower cause he is bigger and heavier. Keith watched some older guys try it and said it was quite funny. We spent a day and a half at the water park. We were also able to go and visit my sister-in-law Kathy in Wolverine Michigan before we headed home. She has been wanting us to come up for visit. I am not a good golfer at all. Keith, I, Kathy and her boyfriend went golfing in a scramble, which was a first for me. I guess we made the local paper for playing so well. My boys were so well behaved. We even stayed an extra night . It was a great time.

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