Monday, August 18, 2008

Living day by day

We went to Church yesterday. Listened to a great sermon. We learned about being ready when The Lord comes back. I felt wonderful at the time. Something about that devil..... he likes to play with my mind. My husband went to his friends house in the afternoon. Wow, I was upset. I sit home and he goes out to play. I prayed about it and turned up my radio, 88.3FM. I felt somewhat better. I need to realize that he needs time away. Ever since my diagnosis I feel like I want and need him by my side ALL the time. This morning I got a visit from these two Lady's that go to Community Baptist Church. The one lady Sue, is a breast cancer survivor. Seems cancer is everywhere. We had a nice visit. I may even take my boys to their Church on Wednesday nights. My Church is small and does not really have anything for the young ones. I think my 11 year old son understands what he is learning at my Church (Blessed Hope), but I really want my 8 year old to learn on his level. God is awesome.!!!! I love Sundays. It gets my batteries charged for the week. I see Dr. Valgii and Dr. Ali tomorrow. I love Tuesdays too. I get reassured that everything is going as expected. Just one little set back..... fix the area not healing. Dr. Ali seems to think it is a simple fix...I have trust in him.

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