Saturday, August 16, 2008

Food and Fun

Today I actually got out of the house for some fun time. My friend's daughter is getting married, so I went to the bridal shower. Joy has three daughters. This is her second shower she has put on.. Everything ran so smoothly. Felt good the whole time I was there. Something about friends and food..... I seem to forget about this cancer stuff. And the food food was great!! thanks Joy. She knows I love to eat. Even though is was only 2 hours, it was worth it. I have to mention my friend I met, Molly. She has this same type of cancer as I do. We met online and have been emailing regularly. She is in the last stages of her reconstruction. What a blessing she has been to me. I get to know what I am up for before it happens. As far as we know, it is her and I here in Michigan with this rare type of breast cancer. I got the idea of blogging from her. God Bless Ya Molly.

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