Saturday, September 6, 2008

I can do it

Just wanted to brag one more time......I AM A NON SMOKER!!!!!!!!! Thanks to my sister, I was able to get the chantix pill, she used it and it worked for her, Amen. It really does make you not think about smoking. The first week was so easy, now I am thinking cigarettes again! I have been doing lots of praying and reading my non smoking book from Brenda. I can and will do this. I think I will drink a glass of wine. And just relax. I love my friends and family!!!!!! Keith woke up today and did four loads of laundry, made breakfast, loaded the dishwater, ran it, emptied it and reloaded it, and now he is off to off -ice hockey practice. Thanks to Joy for the nice card, and books for me, and Keith"s card(keep his coming) he was a cleaning machine this morining, lol Hope you called the doc. I do not need anymore stress!!! Remember to pray for Molly and her results on the check xray. Neither one of us need any more bad news.

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Anonymous said...

Chantix tablets do not contain any traces of nicotine in the ingredients. This is unlike many traditional quit smoking drugs that help smokers quit smoking by injecting small doses of nicotine into their bodies.