Tuesday, September 2, 2008

To The Operating Room Again

I went to see my plastic surgeon today, Dr. Ali. Boy, I just count down the days until Tuesdays, (doctor day). Hopefully as time goes on will not be so obsessed with seeing my doctors. Keith came with me, like he has since day one. His work has been great about him leaving work to be with me, having time off and sometimes not coming in at all. But the paychecks do stink! I really need him with me though for support, and my second pair of ears. Retaining the information seem hard to me, at times. That is one of the reasons I am blogging now. I will never ever forget this Journey. Every step of the way. Keith had a nice talk with his boss and foreman this morning before he left to come pick me up. They assured him that that if he needs anything, let them know, they will help. His boss Chuck's wife has cancer also, so he fully understands the emotional toll it can take on a family and how time consuming all the appointments can be. I said a prayer him and his family again. Keith has worked there for (I think) 19 years. Most of the guys that work there have been there for years and they are like brothers. Good times and some bad, but all in all,he likes his job. When Doctor Ali saw my incisions and how terrible they looked. He sent me for outpatient surgery within the hour. I was not expecting that. Here we go again. Getting prepped, IV, questions,nervous, comfortably wrapped in warm blankets,hungry, yes hungry,and thankful to be alive. "breathe deep" they said.... one. two, I was out. Doctor Ali removed my tissue expander's from both sides and cut quite a bit of dead skin out of each breasts. They had a term for the procedure, but I do not remember the name of it. My luck, it cannot be just one breast giving me problems, it is both! He fixed me all up, reassuring us that this was just a "minor setback" I did not have an infection so that was a blessing. But, I do have the drain tubes back in. Funny thing, I do not mind a bit. It is better than having to deal with fluid seeping out of my breasts whenever it wanted to, having to change my shirts often and changing my sheets. The drain tubes are "a piece of cake" this time around. This time Doctor Ali will let my body heal for six weeks and then put back in the tissue expander's and begin the pump ups again. After struggling with trying to quit smoking since my diagnosis, I am officially a non smoker as of 2pm Friday the 29th of Aug. Smoking is pathetic and it stinks!!!. I am not bummed that I cannot have a cigarette, I am rejoicing that I AM A NON SMOKER, and God does answer prayers. That should improve my health tremendously, along with taking things slower this time. I am a slow healer. I slept when I got home from the hospital and Keith and the boys went to hockey practice. The boys had school today. Summer vacation is over. Tyler is off to his first year in middle school, a six grader, all ready,and Jared is in third grade this year. My friend Molly is the Vice Principal at her school. Good Luck to her as a breast cancer survivor and dealing with all the children. I will say a prayer to God to keep her stress free. I have three sons and could not imagine of being in charge of so many children especially dealing with what we are dealing with.

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Molly Brawley said...

Stephanie--I am sorry sorry you had to go back to surgery! I am also sorry I have not been in touch. I get home from work and either the kids are on the computer or i am too tired. But today here I am.

I am so sorry about all the trouble you are having. But I am so glad you have quit smoking!!!! My PS told me that if I was a smoker he would not do reconstruction on me...so obviously there is a correlation, but it sure seems weird as to why. Regardless, you are now a non-smoker and are doing great!!!! I will continue to pray for quick healing and easy non-smoking status!

I updated my blog finally...I had a meeting with my onco today and it went well, except he wanted to do a chest xray because of a cough I have been having. Of course i am freaked out about it but keep telling myself coughs are common and my chest x ray was clear less than 6 months ago. But I sure hate this fear. ARGGH!

Take care--