Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Love Sundays

We went to Church today. I look forward to Sundays. It is my time to get 'recharged" for the week. It is really keeping me focused on what is important in life. I am amazed how "My God" is working in my life. One example.... I was rearranging my bedroom last night. Something really awesome happened. I was looking through a plastic bin I had under my bed. It is filled with all kinds of stuff. I found my moms old Bible. I opened it up and........ It was right at Matthew 25. We had just read that chapter last week at Church! The Bible was split in half, right at that page. I feel he is just reminding me that he is close and so is my mom. My mom knows first hand what I am going through. She was a Born Again Christian and I really never remember her depressed or sad during her battle with breast cancer. I miss her so much and look forward to the day I will spend eternity with her!

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