Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another Trial?

Late Friday afternoon my incision on the the left side split open even more. It was leaking a light colored blood. I had Keith put some surgical tape over it and it seemed to stop the leaking. Of course the doctors office was closed already. I quit putting the bactracin on my incisions. I am allergic to neosporin and I am thinking I am allergic to the bactracin. Seems since I started putting that on my incisions they are looking worse (Dr. Ali told me to do that when I saw him on Tuesday to help soften up my scabs on my incisions) I was feeling pretty achy on Saturday, the day of Dawn and Dave's party. Chicken and Ribs were the main dish, we just needed to bring a dish to pass. The thought of food and getting out of the house.... sounded to good to turn down. My wonderful husband made my cheesy potatoes for me. He knew I was not feeling well. He went and bought all the ingredients and prepared the dish. I will admit, they tasted better than mine. He added a few "extras" to the recipe, and added his "special touch." He is such a great cook. I tell him they are looking for the next food network star. He should go on the show. I put on a "happy face" and off we went. It was an hour drive to their house. By the time I got there I had soaked through my ABD pad onto my shirt. Good thing I brought all my gauze, tape, and pads with me. Liane helped me change the pad and put new on. I had two shirts on so, I just removed the one and I was good to go. They had lots of good food. I ate and ate and ate! And Keith's potatoes were gone quick! He has so many compliments on them. Of course he will not let me tell his "secret." That made his head swell a bit! About an hours later it happened again, this time both sides were leaking. The area I had stitched a few weeks ago is also leaking. Both sides have a white yucky look to them. Not sure what is going on. I wonder if maybe my drain tubes were removed to soon. I soaked through another pad. By this time Patty, (I named my blog after a card she sent me after my surgery, she is a friend from Church),arrived at the party and she looked at my incisions. She is a nurse so, I appreciated her advice. She helped me put new pads and more surgical tape on again! She also wrote down the "medical" lingo to help explain to my doctor if I feel the need to call him before Tuesday. Here is me at the party, it is probably 80 degrees outside and I am covered on both sides with this thick padding and lots of tape. It was not comfortable at all. She thinks I should get it cultured to check for infection. I will talk to Dr. Valgii about that on Tuesday. I am so blessed to have such great helpful friends. Thanks to Patty and Liane for their help. I talked to Joy earlier in the day before I left for the party, she always calms my nerves"go to the party and relax" she says. She has a poem about the "trials" in our life. I am looking forward to that. I have sure had my share these last few months. Can I ask God to turn his attention to someone else for a bit?. Liane's band "SweetWater" played some great music. If I was only feeling better I would have danced, I told Joyce(another friend from Church) next time, we will defiantly be up there shaking what we got. All my friends know I don't have much! he he he. It was a great time even with all my issues I was having. I ran out of ABD pads by the end of the night so I used a Kotex as my dressings for bed. Kotex on my breasts, who would have thought. It worked great!

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