Wednesday, October 29, 2008

cleavage, not much...but on my way!

I went for surgery yesterday. I finally got my tissue expander put back on. My doctor even pumped me up so....... I have "a tiny bit' of boob now, and some cleavage. I do not look so flat and sunken in. Dr. Ali said everything went great.My friend Steph gave me a tip. Keep putting lotion on my incisions and that will help stretch the skin easier. So since I had the expander's taken out, in September, I have been faithfully using my lotion. Hopefully, I will stretch fast so that I can get my implants put in and be done with it. I have not been smoking this past month (besides 3 days). I am still proud of myself. That should help with any complications.I am in a bit of pain, but my pain pills help and I have been relaxing all day today. I am looking forward to getting my weekly pump-ups. That seemed to keep my spirits up. I did meet a nurse at the hospital that had breat cancer too. Seems like it is everywhere. October is almost over. I never really thought of it as "Brest Cancer Awareness Month" untill my diagnosis. I will admit... I am gonna miss October.

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