Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life is looking up.

Just a quick post while Keith is at the grocery store. He did the shopping for me. I like it when he shops, but he always seems to spend alot of money. I thank the Lord for keeping him busy at work. He is still on the CNC machines and working overtime again this week. He is driving to Grand Haven again on Friday for work, too. I worry about him driving there and back in one day, since it is a three and a half hour drive, but he does not mind. He has been busy cleaning a deer these last few days. His friend Dave got and deer and he is sharing it with us. We like venison and since groceries are so expensive the meat with be nice. Joy called to see how my surgery went. She is so kind. I hope she knows how much I appreciate all she does for me. Now that the wedding is over she can relax a bit. I know she has been so busy.

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marcie said...

Hi Steph, How are you? I am glad you had a nice weekend. Sounds like everything is going better for you. You have been in my prayers lately. I am glad to hear your surgery went well. Mike just lost his job. His last day is tomorrow. Take care and I will call you soon.