Thursday, October 30, 2008

Healing slowley

Today I was quite tired. I got the kids off to school and slept most of the day. The pain seems to be better. My fundraiser has been coming along great. Keith has been selling tickets at his work for me for the last week. He sold 180.00. Such a good husband! I do not have many friends so with his help I was able to help out. A friend today bought 40.00 worth and told Keith to just put my name on them all! God Bless Him! Everyone at his work has been so generous. It is a good feeling knowing that we have many people who care about me are willing to help us. Keith has worked with these guys for many years and they are like brothers to him. I cannot wait to pay some of my medical bills off, less stress for me and Keith. When I get stressed, everyone in the house suffers. I have been feeling upbeat lately. Just knowing that my reconstruction is on it's way.... helps. Halloween is tomorrow. I will be staying home and handing out the candy. I hear the weather is suppose to be in the 60"s. That will be nice for the kids. Our friends Sue and Roger invited us to a Halloween Party Saturday night. If I am feeling better we may go for a bit. I cannot wait until tomorrow to remove the bandages and tape from my chest. It is so uncomfortable. I am curious to see what I look like. I feel so swollen but, I guess that is expected. I will not be seeing Dr. Ali for two weeks. That will give me time to heal before I start my pump-ups. After my expander's were put in he did pump me up. Keith said That Dr. Ali put 250cc in one side and 200cc in the other. I do know that this time I will take it slow. I do not want any problems.

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