Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Overtime helps

Well things are finally looking up for Keith at work. He is on overtime still.The extra money is nice. The only downfall, they want him to work Saturday, and I am not going to be here. I will be in Indiana. I am hoping my older son David will babysit. But the good thing, now I do not need to stress so much about the bills. My fundraiser has started too. I have so many great friends and family selling tickets to help make this fundraiser a success. I even have people that I do not even know from my life insurance company selling them too. I am excited about that. Being able to pay my medical bills off will be a blessing. Thanks to all ( Keith,Liane, Brenda, Michelle, Hilary, Diane, My Aunt Gail, my boys, and all the people I do not even know) who are selling the tickets and helping to make my life less stressful. I appreciate all they are doing for me. I hope to someday to return the gesture and help someone who is in need. My life has been a roller coaster since my diagnosis. Today has been a good day. My chest felt pretty good and my stress level stayed low. I did spend time with Liane and friends from Church on Saturday. Her band played downtown for a party the Bridge Builders put on. They provided all kinds of free food and lots of booths to just browse around and look at things the city does for people who are less fortunate. Makes me count my blessings for sure. Some people have it alot worse than I do. Surgery day is closing in. I am a bit nervous . I hope I will not need to have drain tubes in again. Those are a pain. I want to get better soon so I can go back to work. My doctor assures me that I will only need one week off. I pray he is right!

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