Thursday, April 8, 2010

feeling good. Well I thought.. hospitalized 3/30/10-04/04/10

I finally had decided to go for my consultation with Dr Gavaghan for my final surgery. Getting my nipples. 3.30-10. I had noticed a small red area on my incision on my left breast. I had noticed it many times earlier but it seemed to come and go so...I though nothing of it. While Dr. Gavagahan was checking my skin playability he pinched that area and it hurt. My right side felt fine when he pinched it. I went home and went about my day. decided to wait till after summer for the surgery. I noticed while getting ready for bed the area was quite red. Maybe the size of a half dollar. The next morning it was swollen and more red. I was unable to get ahold of Dr Gavagahan ( besides he was 45 min away). I call Dr Alsawa and went in to see him. He gave me some meds and wanted me to keep a good eye on it. Report back in the morning. I get my meds and go home to take nap. I woke up about three hours later. I had the chills, bad stomach pains, and felt like I was gonna throw up. I did that. I just wanted to take a bath and warm up. My son David had to help me out of the tub and rush me to the E. R. I was admitted with Celulitis. a bacterial infection on my breast. I was hooked up to I.V's and in alot of pain. I spent 5 nights in the hospital. It was very scary. I came home on Easter. Slowly I am getting back to normal. Looks like the infection is finally gone. Spent alot of time with Jesus in the hospital. They had the Church Channel. When I was feeling better ( it took 4 days) I watched some great shows.

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