Wednesday, August 10, 2011

surgery #8 DONE:) expander put in

After a long nine months I finally went in for surgery yesterday (Aug, 9 2011) I got the tissue expander placed in on my left side. Doc Gavagahan was able to even pump me up a bit. Feels good to have some breast:) I have the wrap on so I cannot see to much, but I trust my Doc. I do see cleavage and just knowing that I am finally on my way to being done with reconstruction makes me happy. I have seen Liane and Sue's end results for their breast cancer and I have decided I will get the tattooing and nipple done at the doctors office. Liane has beautiful fairies tattooed on her breasts, that she had done at a tattoo shop and Sue has the normal nipple and tattooing from the Doc. I feel that with all the problems I have had, getting some cool tattoo may not be my best choice. These past three years have been rough but I made it so far:)
I did find out last week that I now have three budging discs in my neck. I only had one last year. I am having some strange back pain and did get an ex ray. Waiting on the results from that. My medical doc feels I need physical therapy for my neck and back. I am still always in pain but I just live with it as best I can. I stretch and take my meds when needed. I hate getting old!

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