Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Seems that my page has been down. Lots has happening these last few months. the expander went in with no problems. On Nov 29 2011 I finally had my implant put in. After all them months with no reassurance of cellulitsis, I get it again! The doc admits me right away. I spent a whole week up on the 4th floor. I went in on the 19th of Dec and did not get out until the day before Christmas, the 24th. Keith had to do all the Christmas shopping for the boys and he had to grocery shop for Christmas dinner and he did all the cooking. I love that guy:) He took such good care of the house and the boys the week I was gone:) I am not sure about the doctors. One says possibly lymphedema and one says cellulitsis. I am confused. I do know that I can not afford to be hospitalized twice a year for this issue. I was so ready to move on with my reconstruction and finally end this chapter of my life. Not gonna happen, just yet. As of today, the infection is gone. I see my reconstruction doc on Monday. I am curious as to what he says. I have not seen him since being hospitalized.I hope 2012 brings me happiness:)

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