Monday, November 26, 2012

nov 2012..... done with my journey

After waiting almost a whole year to continue on with my reconstruction and getting  my nipples and tattooing done, I have been told I should not go through with it:( I have had to many complications with the infections (celluisis of the breast). My doc feels that by doing the surgery I could be risking getting the infection again. The results could turn out bad. I really was looking forward to seeing myself somewhat "whole" after all these years. I will take my doctors advice and not continue. He advised me that if I did get an infection in the reconstructed nipples it could be very painful and difficult to clear it up. I am looking pretty good for being reconstructed and It could damage the results further... I do not want that. My birthday is tomorrow and I thank God I am alive 4 1/2 years later:) It has been a long haul but I did it. I am gonna get fake tattoos and have keith apply them for me. just so I have some nipples. idk

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