Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A short prayer

Just a short prayer before bed. Dear Lord, please keep Mrs Stein and Joys sister close to your heart. Give them comfort and peace knowing you are there with them ,always. They all need your blessings. Please guide my son to make better choices. Amen


ww.joywhitman.bloggerspot.com said...

thank you so much steph for remembering my sister in your prayers

Molly Brawley said...

Hey Steph--Just checking in. I hope things have settled for you and your surgery. I have added yours to my ever-lengthening prayer list. A neighboring school district lost two recent grads to a car accident this weekend--sure puts things into perspective doesn't it? I hope things are also smoothing out with your son...raising kids is so hard, and then we do raise them and they make bad choices...even as adults...we still want to control everything. I dread Andrew leaving for college as I am not sure he is ready to even do his own laundry, much less get to class, pay bills, study, stay away from the partying...ugh. At least I have about a year to prepare. Sigh.

I'm doing well. No school for the second day in a row due to flooding and washed out roads. The rainfall just hit in the right spots that our bus routes were struggling to get through. Kids loved it of course and I loved sleeping in!