Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another ACC sister. Prayers for her

I just read a comment from my acc sister, Molly. She informed me that we now have another young lady diagnosed with this same rare cancer we have. Seems like it is not so rare as we once thought. I try not to make cancer my whole thoughts for the day. But it is on my mind often. I have not been on the rare cancer site in a few weeks if not longer. I know how scared this young lady must be right. It brings back so many memories. Please Molly, give her my blog and email. If there is anything I can help her with, I am there for her. I know how much help you have been to me. Without you, I think this journey of mine would have been alot scarier. I love ya sister!!!!! I am almost finished with my pump ups. Once more on Tuesday and then hopefully, if all goes well, I will get the implants put in at the end of next month. I still have the tattooing and nipple to deal with, but, at least it seems like I am moving on. I just pray everyday that this cancer is gone. I will see my cancer doctor next month. Not sure what he will be doing. Hopefully some tests to just make sure it is gone. I look forward to that visit. I can't help but wonder... I am finally getting breasts, I will have the implants put in, but what if the cancer is still there or has spread? I try not to worry, but I do think about that. I just pray about it. God has the plan... I just follow it. Some day he will explain the reason why. Why me??????????

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Angie said...

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.
PS I found your blog through Molly's