Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday..... are good

I went for another pump up today. I am sore, but looking good. My doctor will not tell me when I will be getting my implants. He wants to see how my pump ups go. I seem big, but he knows the size I want (c cup, like before I had my breasts removed) and I am not to that point yet. I am so used to my boobs sagging and now that they are all perky they look pretty big to me. Oh well, soon enough this will be over with. I have lots of pictures of before and through this whole journey. I cannot wait to see the outcome. I love not having to wear a bra and having cleavage. I thank the Lord for that! I will see Dr. Ali next week and hopefully I will be expanded enough to get the implants.


A Patsy & U Sonny! said...

Your writing a book!!!! 1st time at your blog!!!!!!

I'm "so" PROUD of you Steph!!!
& Bev...


Love & HUGS Hon,
A Patsy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Molly Brawley said...

Hi boob friend!

I've been on the rare cancer forum and I think there have been about three or four more new members. CRAZY! Glad the "girls" are looking good. I am having the nipple sewn on next week. The week after I am having a breast exam...first one in 6 months so I am nervous. Then in March all the tests...bluck!

More later. I think about you a lot!