Monday, December 15, 2008

busy, busy

I have been so busy these last few weeks. My friend Molly was worried about me. So just a quick blog to let all know I am alive and well. I will be having my surgery the 30th of this month.I will be getting my implants in. Then on to the tattooing and adding a nipple. Seems kinda scary, but I am glad it is getting close to the end. I will be seeing my cancer doctor early in Jan. I am nervous about that. I just want to make sure my cancer is gone. I am ready to start living a normal life again. We have been busy with the boys and hockey. My Tyler has been on a roll. He has had 3 hat tricks the last three games. He leads in goals in the WHOLE Little Ceasers League. He is such a smart player. Christmas is nearing and I still have so many gifts to buy. We told the boys that is is going to be a small Christmas this year. Keith has been cut on hours and with my illness, we just do not have alot of money at this time. Keith took so much time off work with my surgeries, doctor visits and taking care of me, that we still have not caught up on the bills. I am sure they understand. They always get what they want. Gotta run. I will be back!

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