Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Movie Night

I went with friends from Church to Liane and Shane's office(big, big comfy office)to see the movie Expelled. It was a good movie. Sad to see people being punished for believing in creation as apposed to evolution. Our children cannot be taught about God. our creator It is very sad. Science Teachers who believe cannot talk or even debate their feelings on the subject of creation and evolution. Read your and science books and teach it, and that is that. . I will not ruin it for those who want to see it. But, if you want to see a good movie.... rent it. Then tell me what ya think. Being with everyone from Church felt great. I actually felt the love tonight. There was sixteen of us. Pasta, pizza, bread sticks, cookies, chips and we all still had room for big bags of popcorn. And I have to mention, they had nice comfy computer chairs for all of us. Not sure what he needs all the chairs for but, I was comfortable the whole night. I never found science in school interesting and parts of the movies were hard to follow, but it kept my attention. We talked about it after and things were brought down to me level. Considering how my day went today. The night turned out great! I woke up late. The dog was laying right next to me (which he never does!) and I thought it was Keith, so I woke up late. Shortly after he leaves for work, I get up to get the boys up. So I just thought it was not time to get up and my alarm did not go off. Finally at about 7:30, I realized Keith was gone, max was my bed partner and I was late getting up! Rush, rush in the morning. Then at work I had a busy day. Well, busy for me. My friend Joy would laugh at my 3 1/2 workday. But to me... it was a busy day,lol. But I did see some beautiful newborn babies, they always bring smiles to me face. I was able to hold them all. Then kids home, homework, cleaning, and rush to get Tyler to hockey before heading out to the movie. It felt great relaxing after all of that. I even past out Avon books to the ladies there. I have some more customers, yaeeeeee. I would love to have this venture take off for me. Avon had donated so much to breast cancer cause, so this may be my calling. I also expressed my feelings and lost a friend today. How I really feel, and just about my hurt feelings. I have starting keeping a pad of paper on my dresser with "my feelings," Keith has a problem hearing "how I feel". So I express to him on paper. Instead of writing the same thing over and over, month after month, I have decided to just keep it handy and just add when I need to. With this friend we talked about it but, same type of thing..... change it around. She thought I was offended about things and it was not that at all! It was about my feelings being hurt by her many times. I am sorry she feels the way she does, and I will still pray for her.Pigging out a Chan's, I will surly miss. It has been a "roller coaster day" . I will also have my friend Marcie's family in my prayers. I complain about Keith only working 40 hours because of his hours being cut, and her husband lost his job today. I need to thank the Lord Keith is fortunate to still have a job. Marcie has always been a hard worker so, she will be helping support the family until he finds another job. God Bless Her. I know she can do it. Michelle also told us tonight at the movie that she will be losing her job. Wow, so many people are having hard times. I have lots to be thankful for. Well, unless I get to bed now, I may be waking up late again tomorrow. Liane is coming over in the morning. I get to pay my medical bills, thanks to Diane, Women's Life Insurance and my church family and everyone who contributed, I have over 1500.00 to spend. What a blessing this has been. You really find out what "true friendship" is all about. The people in your life who are there when you really need them.I love them all. I will keep them all close. Good Night


marcie said...

hi Stephanie,
thanks for your prayers. Sounds like a good movie to watch. I would love to get together with you soon.


www.joywhitman,com said...

remember only possitive thoughts....sometimes life throws us a curve ball, but with prayer and good friends to get you through it, life really isnt that bad. friends come and friends go but gods love will never leave you. you never know down the road your friend may return and for the better....give her time and lots of prayers

Molly Brawley said...

hi buddy--just got an email from the rare cancer site and it looks like we have a new member. Her name is Karen and she is 43. I posted something to welcome her to our club but I am sad because I know how scared she is.

Last night I thought about not being scared anymore. I rarely think about it and that is amazing to me. I used to get up and research every night when I couldn't sleep. I am also not as paranoid about coughs, aches, etc. Still leary, but at least I am living my life.

Sending positive vibes your way and as always, prayers for all of us!